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Church History Church History

On September 6, 2011, Rev. Robert E. McCottrell called together a group of 17 family and friends. They all gathered in his home and Rev. Robert E. McCottrell shared with them the vision God had entrusted him with since 2003. Rev. McCottrell was clear that he wasn’t asking any of them to leave their current place of worship, but God chose them to help him organize, but if it was their desire to join he would welcome them with open arms. After hearing his vision, they prayed, and all hearts were clear and ready to move forward in organizing the New Dimensions Church, Inc.


After sharing the vision, Rev. Robert E. McCottrell gave them the format for calling together a quorum to officially organize a church. After receiving instructions a motion to organize he new Dimensions Church was put on the floor by Rev. Debra McCottrell, Seconded by Dea. Antony Hall, and all 16 were in favor. At that point The New Dimensions Church was called to order.

At that point, Rev. Robert E. McCottrell shared instructions how to call/elect their Pastor.

After receiving instruction, a motion was put on the floor to elect Rev. Robert E. McCottrell to be the Senior Pastor of The New Dimensions Church by Bro. Ajamu Jabari Akil, the motion was seconded by Bro. Jamal Thomas, carried and unanimously sealed by everyone standing in favor and applause. At that point prayer was offered by Rev. Debra McCottrell. Rev. Robert E. McCottrell was officially the Senior Pastor of the New Dimensions Church.

The founding members that were present on that night was, Rev. Robert E. McCottrell, Peaches-Barker  McCottrell, Debra McCottrell, Correntha McCottrell, Ajamu- Jabari Akil, Pamela-Jabari Akil, Marilyn Berstein, Lawerence Parrot, Lynette, Parrott, Jamal Thomas, Dalilah Stewart-Thomas, Dea. Anthony Hall, Tia Hall, Gloria Baker, Sybil Pace, Rev. Deborah Petross, and Adrian McDaniel.

Bro Adrian Mc Daniel was voted in as New Dimensions Church Chief Financial Officer, and Marilyn Bernstein, Dalilah Stewart-Thomas, and Debra McCottrell would serve as the Finance Team. They were charged with opening bank accounts and handling all of the church’s financial affairs.

Those that were present immediately began sowing into The New Dimensions Church,Inc.

On September 13, 2011 our second meeting was held, once again at the  home of Pastor Robert and Lady Peaches McCottrell. At that meeting Pastor McCottrell presented the location for our first service, which was 5847 W. Chicago Ave (storefront). Service time was established to be at 10:00am every Sunday morning. Our official 1st service would be held on the 3rd Sunday of October, Sunday, October 16, 2011. The Pastor’s podium was agreed upon, and was to be ordered immediately. Sybil Pace was appointed Head Of Security, the men were put in place as overseers of the congregation, Rev. Debra McCottrell, Rev. Deborah Petross, and Gloria Baker were put in charge of morning prayer, and Deborah Lane Spencer was named our Worship Leader. Brother Terrance Cain was our 1st Musician. 

It was on that night, September 13, 2011 that Shamona McDaniel became the 1st new member of the New Dimensions Church, Inc., and named the Church Scribe for all meeting records. After getting word of the new ministry, Margaret Jackson got excited and became the 2nd new member, and immediately joined in on all planning, as well as, orchestrated the purchase and delivery of the Pastor’s podium.

With all planning going well and our timetable established, we held our Launch Service at the Freedom Baptist Church, Pastor Craig M. Smith, in Hillside, IL, on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 5:00pm, with over 500 witnesses present.

With all things in order, on Sunday October 16, 2011, at 10:00am New Dimensions Church held it’s first official worship service with over 115 people present. On that Sunday we also held a second service at 12:00 noon, and there were 42 people present.

Purposely, for the first couple of weeks, Pastor McCottrell hadn’t extended the invitation to join New Dimensions Church during morning worship, but if anyone so desired he would accept them with welcoming arms. On Wednesday, November 9, 2011, we held our 1st Bible Study, I.H.O.P (Intimate Hour Of Power). It was at the end of that class Pastor McCottell extended the first invitation, Sister Birdie Daniels, Darnell Hatter, Rubye Givens, and Hazel Marshall joined the New Dimensions Church.

We worshipped at that location and served that community faithfully until God blessed us to move to our current location, 5440 W. Gladys on April 6, 2014. Pastor Johnnie Miller and the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church came and helped us celebrate the goodness of God.

Over the years we have baptized many. We crowned Correntha McCottrell, Rubye Given, and Hazel Marshall a Mothers of the church on May 6, 2012. Later Mother Perry was added. We held our first church wide New Member Class on June 2, 2012. Our first revival was held June 5-7, 2013. We ordained Ajamu-Jabari Akil, Adrian McDaniel, Lawrence Parrott and Darnell Hatter Jr as Deacons on November 10, 2013, ordination services were held at the Metropolitan M.B. Church. Through the grace of God, we have made so many accomplishments, changed touched so many lives.

We continue to believe that God has great work for New Dimensions to do, and if we keep following His Power, His Authority, His Guidance and His Will for us we know that eyes have not seen, nor ear has heard, the good things that God has in store for us…..