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Prayer Request: Prayer for the Man I love Prayer Request: Prayer for the Man I love

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Carol Nelson

Prayer for the Man I love (Dec 24, 2019)

Prayer Request:
Dear Heavenly Father, I Pray For This Man I Love, Marty Gomez. I pray that you will fill Marty's heart, mind and soul with overwhelming love for me. I pray for these hands that I need to hold me, for these eyes that share nothing but truth. I pray for the smile that stretches across his imperfect face and the way that simple expression can make my heart warm unconsciously—and how beautiful love is in the way it can do that. I promise Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus to post a praise report and thank you on all sites and to everyone who will listen of the miracle you have granted me. I pray for a love relationship with Marty Gomez. AMEN

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